Terms and Conditions

We want to stress the importance of reading manufacturers’ manuals or websites to learn to use their equipment. If anything is unclear to you after having read the manufacturer’s instructions, please contact us via phone: +354 519 4747 or via email: info(at)djireykjavik.is.


Any products purchased from Reykjavik Drones ehf. have a 2 year warranty if purchased by a consumer and 1 year warranty if purchased by a company. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects. An invoice from Reykjavik Drones ehf. is the only valid form of warranty certification and without one a product is not covered.

If Reykjavik Drones ehf. is notified of a defect during the warranty period, Reykjavik Drones ehf. will either repair the product or replace it as soon as possible.

The warranty is void if:

  • Manufacturer’s instructions about care, usage, stress, spare parts or maintenance are not followed.
  • A fault is caused by bad or wrong treatment of the product.
  • The product is used in a way or environment that it is not designed for.
  • The product has been opened, modified or added to in any way.
  • The product has been connected to the wrong voltage or current.
  • The identification number or seal has been removed or broken.

Reykjavik Drones ehf. reserves the right to verify that a fault is covered by these warranty terms, within reasonable time limits.

Returning unflawed products

A product can be returned within 14 days of purchase if an invoice is presented that shows in a satisfactory manner when the product was purchased. The product has to be unused, in perfect condition and in its original, undamaged packaging when returned. The product’s seal can not be broken. When a product is returned the original price is paid back. Products that come with other products as a part of an offer can not be returned on their own. If the buyer does not want to replace the product with another product, a credit note will be issued. Credit notes are valid for 1 year after being issued.

Reykjavik Drones ehf. (kennitala: 460217-2100) operates djismartmedstg.wpengine.com and DJI Reykjavik.

We fully reserve the right to rectify errors in price, text and images. All contents of this website are subject to errors.

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